Two Impossibilities

William Leyman walked briskly through the London night down a rundown part of town. To any random (sane and unwitting) observer he’d be thought mad, but he gave little care to what other people thought about him. He saved their lives constantly and that was good enough for him. They were better off not knowing.

The tall, lanky man practically jogged in the night, wild ginger hair flying in all different directions over stern brows and gaunt, scruffy features. His black greatcoat flapped behind him with each heavy step of heavy brown work boots, but the odd part was what he held before him. Hung by a single silver strand was a clear crystal seemingly defying physics and pointing forwards despite his momentum in the same direction. A very faint blue glow emanated from the thing as it swung to his left to point down an alley. Oh, wonderful. Eyes the same color of the silvery light coming from his focus, Leyman turned to continue the direction his tool pointed. Hopefully he’d done this right. Hopefully it’d lead him to the legendary Doctor.

The Doctor squirmed on the ground not far from his TARDIS, attempting to free himself from the chains the greyface had somehow wrapped him in. As he heard the sound of footsteps coming towards him, he turned himself in what he thought to be the direction they were coming from. “Hello,” he said loudly, not wanting to shout but needing to be heard, “is someone out there? I seem to have gotten myself into a spot of trouble with some chains. Can you help me,please?

Leyman stopped at the sound of a voice as one hand strayed towards his pocket and the magnum buried deep within. ‘Lighten up,’ he reminded, ‘sounds like him.’ A brief glance to his focus reinforced the fact that the voice was probably coming from the one who he was looking for. “Before I come any closer,” the man called, voice rich and tinged with a hybrid accent of high English and low Scottish, “what would you tell me is the name of a big blue magic box?” He couldn’t be too careful in his line of work, best to be wary and alive than hasty and dead.

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